You will own IVI Crypto Currency. IVI Crypto Currency may be used in many different ways: A. Depending on our Sports Clubs partnerships, owners of our IVI Crypto Currency will be able to : 1. Assist privates trainings and workouts, 2. Assist privates meetings with players, 3. Access VIP Salon’s Sports Clubs during plays, 4. Access players dedicated and signed new products within specific online shops, 5. Receive discounts on ticketing and subscriptions for all events. B. Investing on your favorites sports, support your favorites players, earn and take automatic profits on your investments though this very particular new block chain economy…. Many other developments are in progress. All releases will be published on our website. ----- Please note: the use and of IVI Crypto Currency on our partners websites is subject to the separate terms and conditions, and may vary depending on a person’s place of residence, where they access the platform and/or other factors. A number of jurisdictions do not allow, or restrict, Crypto Currency use.
INOOVI Ltd is issuing IVI Crypto Currency as a utility token and not as a security. By purchasing IVI Crypto Currency, you acknowledge that IVI Crypto Currency confers only the right to access and use the INOOVI platforms partners only. IVI Crypto Currency ownership does not confer any equity, interest, or related right of any form with respect to INOOVI Ltd or its affiliates or any related securities. Explicitly excluded are voting rights or rights to dividends or other distributions.
INOOVI Ltd is issuing IVI Crypto Currency tokens as a cryptocurrency to power its B2C and B2B crypto sports contracts offerings. IVI Crypto Currency general use, trade and/or ownership will be uniquely useful and rewarding. INOOVI Ltd will manage its currency with safeguards that deliver concrete advantages to IVI Crypto Currency partners, owners, and traders.
IVI Crypto Currency is not designed to offer earnings. IVI Crypto Currency provides concrete value and advantages to owners as well as purchases in our partner shops or trade.
IVI Crypto Currency is pre-mined on the Ethereum platform. Note that the Ethereum platform is moving from a proof-of-work to a proof-of-stake model.
All funds are kept in a large numerous of multi-crypto currency INOOVI Ltd manages its cryptocurrency reserves with the following wallets: – A hot wallet that contains the appropriate amount of reserves to cover necessary trades. This is single signature that is controlled by the system. – A warm wallet that is accessible by the system to cover Sports Clubs terms contracts. – A daily “sweep” (depletion from the warm wallet) into cold storage backed by a hardware wallet with multi-sig.
As far as we know, currently, the two countries that have banned ICOs/Crypto Currency/tokens are China and South Korea. In addition, the US residents of New York are restricted. Therefore these locations are all restricted from participating in the IVI Crypto Currency token sale.
Crypto Currency is based on blockchain technology, a decentralized system that is not regulated by any one country. As of today, we do not believe that the use of blockchain-based cryptocurrencies (including Crypto Currency) is illegal in any country. In the unlikely scenario that your country of residence outlaws Crypto Currency, we expect that you will be permitted to sell your tokens in advance of the effectiveness of the ban.
You can purchase IVI Crypto Currency at https://inifivi.io. BTC, BTH, LTC, DASH, DOGECOIN, REDDCOIN, PEERCOIN, and USD Currencies (via bank wire transfer only) are accepted forms of payment. The funds are credited to your personal account in the system. We do not charge any fees on payments. However, third party payment processors may charge fees. When paying in USD, the wire transfer fee and speed depend on your bank. All fees charged by financial institutions in connection with wire transfers are paid by the prospective IVI Crypto Currency holder. When paying in a cryptocurrency, transaction fees are charged by the relevant blockchain infrastructure. You set the transaction fee amount; that fee and network availability determine the transaction speed.
You can pay in BTC, BTH, LTC, DASH, DOGECOIN, REDDCOIN, PEERCOIN, and USD. USD will be only be accepted via bank wire transfer.
All confirmed purchases of IVI Crypto Currency are final and non-refundable. By purchasing IVI Crypto Currency, you acknowledge that neither INOOVI Ltd nor any of its affiliates are required to provide a refund for any reason and that you will not receive money, cryptocurrency, or other consideration for any IVI Crypto Currency that remains unused. In the event that you fail to meet of any of eligibility criteria for participating in the IVI Crypto Currency sale and your purchase has not been confirmed, we retain the right, in our sole discretion, to decline your request for a refund. Should we determine, in our sole discretion, to provide you with a refund because you fail to meet of any of eligibility criteria for participating in the IVI Crypto Currency purchase, we shall not be liable for any conversion, exchange, or other rate changes that may occur prior to processing the refund. Digital currencies, tokens, and digital assets are, by their nature, generally irreversible, and their exchange rates are highly volatile and transitory.
We have opted not to use an escrow service.
Protecting our investors is critical, and we take it very seriously. There will be a KYC process for this reason, and to ensure Anti-Money Laundering (AML) compliance. Below is what you can expect during the purchase process: Create your IVI Crypto Currency account at: https://infinivi.io – Link your ERC-20 wallet address – Transfer Funds from your wallet address to the ICO address – Wait for up to 20 network confirmations for your deposit to appear in your account – Click ‘Buy IVI Crypto Currency’ and follow the steps – A KYC popup will collect information during the payment process- if you do not enter KYC we will return your funds (US INVESTORS – in addition, an accreditation popup will verify you are an Accredited Investor, if you are not we return your funds). For more info on what qualifies you as an Accredited US Investor, visit: https://www.investopedia.com/terms/a/accreditedinvestor.asp Before issuing tokens during the distribution stage of the ICO, we will run your KYC information, if you fail we will request Identification to verify you, if you fail again we will return your funds. This will be communicated via email.