VIP Package – 500 IVI

R$ 410.00


VIP Package – 500 IVI

This package will allow owner to receive his IVI Token on his own special IVI Wallet, PLUS a special 25% Discount Coupon on “IVI Token Merchandising Product” that IVI Token owner could choose in the partner website, under section :


Purchasing IVI Tokens – How it works – What is going to happen ?

You are about to purchase IVI Tokens right now. As soon as payment is confirmed, we will allocate a lot of IVI Token on our IVI Ethereum Address for you.


Our official IVI Ethereum Address could be checked here :


At the end of the ICO, we will send you an email to create your own IVI Wallet based on Ethereum Blockchain. A video will be available to help you, step by step.

As soon as you have created your IVI Wallet, we will transfer your IVI Tokens to your Wallet.

Then you will be able to use your IVI Tokens for many specific reasons, including purchasing new features, products and services from your favorite teams and players OR simply trade them on specialized markets.

Thank you very much for your great support and purchase.
Inoovi Team




BRL Brazilian real
eIVI New ContractsFor Agents, Players and Clubs

A free 12 Months renewal term option contract to purchase our eIVI / Evolution IVI Token at a pre-set price. Unique once again !